We provides a fleet of comfortable van and 4-wheel-drive (4X4) to accommodate your travel budget and needs. Our service include a 24 hours vehicle delivery and collection for your convenience. We also offer chauffeur service, airport transfers and group tour packages special for hiking trip. Ride with us now!

Van – Toyota Hiace 2.5D (10 seater highroof, Diesel)


Return (Hiking spots)

Destination Hiking Spot Price (*starting from)
Dabong Mt Stong, Mt Ayam, Mt Baha, Trans Jelawang RM1200
Cameron Highland Kg Raja, Brinchang, Lojing, Ringlet RM1000
Bidor Mt Bah Gading, Mt Ulu Kinjor, Trans TTS RM700
Ipoh Mt Korbu Gayung, Mt Grah Bilah Bieh, Mt Ulu Sepat, Mt Kuar RM1000
Grik Mt Kenderong, Mt Kerunai, Mt Papulut, Mt Pulut, Mt Ulu Sepat RM1200
Maran Mt Serundum, Berkelah Waterfall, Jerangkang Waterfall, Mt Lerek, Mt Berantai RM800
Gua Musang Mt Chamah, Trans Chamah Ulu Sepat (Pickup at Kg Lasah) RM1000
Merapoh Mt Tahan (Merapoh & Kuala Tahan) RM1000
Fraser Hill Twin Peak, Pine Tree Hill, Mt. Semangkuk, Mt. Gap, Mt. Ulu Semangkuk RM700
Kuala Kubu Bharu Kutu Hill, Choroco, Kunong, Lata Medang, Sg Chilling RM500
Dungun Chemerong Waterfall , Mt Lipat Sanggul RM1200
Besut Mt Tebu, Lata Belatan, Bukit Keluang RM1200

One way

Less than 400km RM500
More than 400km RM600 – RM750(max)

Rental (Without driver)


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