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August 22, 2017


Product: TT Ultra 53 D



First spherical system hipbelt in the WORLD! in conjunction with Malaysia’s 60 years Independence Day, Orga Mountainworks have decided to launch their flagship model, the TT Ultra 53 D, which weighs only 830grams!  built by Malaysian, and are focused to Malaysia mountains. this is the greatest hiking bag that i have ever seen in my life!

This is a handmade product which were carefully crafted in The Historical City of Malacca, Malaysia – UNESCO World Heritage Site. currently, Only 5 ready stock units are available. to ensure its quality? only 5 unit per month. and 60 unit per year! this is suitable for those who are looking on high quality and exclusive product !

The design concept is an ultralight bag which is below 1 kg with an advanced suspension system.


  • Manufacturer – Orga Mountainworks
  • Model – TT Ultra 53 D
  • Backsystem – Tarkul Backsystem (Single Bar Suspension)
  • 53 Litre
  • 830 gram
  • Pack Design
    • Minimal, simple and clean design
    • Less seam weatherproof construction. Only centre of the main body sewn (lesser weak point)
  • Fabric Material
    • Dyneema Composite Fabric (Cuben Fibre) – Made in USA
    • Dimension Polytant Xpac VX42 – Made in Germany
    • CSM (Hypalon) – Made in Korea
    • Nylon Ripstop – Made in UK
  • Hardware Material
    • ITW Nexus Buckle
    • Nylon Webbing
    • YKK hook and loop
    • YKK zip (for mesh daypack)
  • Body-frame material
    • Aircraft grade aluminium
    • Kydex
  • Thread
    • Rasant 75
  • Pack Features
    • Dyneema (cuben fiber) main body: the strongest fibre in the world (15 times stronger than high-quality steel), ultra lightweight, extremely durable, waterproof and resistant to UV  and chemicals
    • Modular7 (patent pending) pack construction: pack can disassembled to 7 parts; the main body, top lid , pack bottom, body frame, shoulder strap, backpad and hipbelt.
    • Hipbelt – SALT-Spherical Align Load Transfer (patent pending) hipbelt configuration that can pivote 360° at axis x,y and 22° at axis z which allow free hip movement while aligning the load to centre of gravity effectively.
    • Accessories – Lots of module that can be attached
    • Shoulder Strap – unisex S shape with 3 way adjustment level to support your neck
    • Adjustable torso 16”-19.5” backsystem.
    • Top and bottom loading with roll top closure.
    • Pack load-lifter included.
  • Accessories (note included. can be attached and detached)
    • Chest Strap
    • Framesheet
    • Parang holder
    • Water bottle holder
    • Hipbelt pocket
    • Orga SP
    • Outer Mesh
    • Mesh Daypack
    • and much more planned to be released in future

price: starts at RM 1,499.00

Cuben fibre is the best fabric for bag in the world. it was used in the whole main body of this bag to ensure the soundness while minimize the stitches. the main body was connected to the roll top, above and below it to ensure the weatherproof ability.

This bag can be disassembled into 7 parts. While making it easy for user to upgrade the accessories, this features also make it easy for maintenance. The shoulder strap can be used with other Orga Mountainworks products such as duffle bag and daypack bags.

This is the best part of the bag. Spherical align hipbelt. It can be moved in X, Y and 22 degree on Z axes. The device was manufactured in German. Maximum load that it can takes is 200 kg. In fact, this is the world’s first Spherical System Hipbelt!

The backpad ‘fish gill’ design ensure easy airflow behind our back. The material used also dries quickly.

The backpack comes with the mesh which can be attached-detached easily. It can be used to put wet clothes and even slippers.

It also comes with zipped mesh beg. Paracord 7 strands was used to attach it to the main body. It was connected directly to the frame of the beg.

This is also one of the best feature of the beg. The mesh beg can be attached to the shoulder strap to be used as a daypack bag.

This is Orga SP which can be attached to left or right of the hipbelt. This SP also can be converted to pouchbag. and you can also attached it to the shoulder strap.


You can also attached the mesh pocket at the hipbelt to put your cameras, snikers, etc.

Can you see the parang holder at the hipbelt?



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