Ad.A.M Project: Bukit Kutu 2017

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October 15, 2017


Ad.A.M Project: Bukit Kutu 2017

AdAM stands for Adopt A Mountain. The main concerns are to preserve and conserve the nature of our playground which is mountain, as much as we can. this is done through events to clean-up the trails, campsites, setting up safety rope and ladder, gathering and promote good etiquette among mountaineers. We are doing these, based on our responsibility for Malaysia mountaineering scene. Further more, it’s a Non-profit effort.

on March 2017, Core Republic decide to extend their from our normal CSR program (#pickitup) and bring AdAM Project to Kutu Hill. after several trips for data collection and meet up with local authorities, 14th of October is chosen as the execution date. but the main objective remains: to share the love by giving.due to this objective, marketing strategies are made to invite those who are not familiar with mountain conservation and are new in hiking arena!

on the day, participants have started to gather as early as 0700 hour. upon registration, they will receive a name tag which consists their information (by Core Republic), breakfast set (by NRC), lunch set(by Team Selangor), gunny bags(by Core Republic) and some gifts from Team Selangor.  at the same time, Core team is preparing and arranging tools.

PICTURE 1: tent for registration

PICTURE 2: breakfast from NRC and lunch from Team Selangor

PICTURE 3: preparation

after necessary arrangements, briefing was given regarding safety during hiking by Core Republic and welcome note by Mr Gerald Trabucon of Selangor State Forestry Department. this was closed by prayer recitation the expedition is on!

PICTURE 4: Briefing session

PICTURE 5: getting ready to go!

the first task of the day, is to do upgrade and maintenance on the 2nd Metal bridge that have collapsed. with its condition, it is not easy and safe for hiker to cross the bridge. and after heavy rain, whenever the water level rises or flash flood, it will make it harder for hiker to cross it. thus the necessary handles were made.

PICTURE 6: Metal Bridge 2 activity

PICTURE 7: Metal Bridge 2 after maintenance

after it is done, team move forward into trek. during our hike, we would cut log/bamboo/tree wherever we deemed necessary for safety purpose only, we create temporary steps at slippery area using hoe. and the main task of the day, to install ropes at slippery and needy area. for this,  more than 300 meter of ropes have been used. these main activity was dense starting from CP1 to CP4. thus, it slows our pace.

PICTURE 8: cutting down the necessary for safety

PICTURE 9: rope installments

PICTURE 10: take 5!

PICTURE 11: creating temporary steps and lunch break

due to dense activity, 2 team were set to go ahead where 1 team is to focused on clearing the graffiti at CP4 (Batu Tedung /Gua Kambing) and clean-up and maintenance at the water point, while 1 team to proceed to summit and clear rubbish along with 30Ascend team.

PICTURE 12: water point clean-up and maintenance

PICTURE 13: water point’s signage installments.

PICTURE 14: Graffiti clean-up attempts

at 1430 hour, the summit team have successfully arrived at the peak and last man have reached CP Batu Tedung safely. due to time constraint, it is advised that everyone not to proceed any further as our Cut Off Time is at 1500 hour (from peak) and not many task are left from CP Batu Tedung to peak. majority rested here until 1530 hour and started to descend.

PICTURE 15: rest

PICTURE 16: signage at the peak

alhamdulillah. everyone is safely out at 1900 hour. with along the collection of 26 gunny bags. no injuries occur and most of us had fun in giving!

PICTURE 17: 26 bags of rubbish

as the Leader for organizing this events, i would like to give my utmost gratitude to Selangor State Forestry Department and Hulu Selangor District Council who have supported and advise us in managing this event. right from the start, they have relentlessly supported and giving necessary contact to ensure our safety and project efficiency. and i would like to thank the Fire Department and Police for supporting our events and being on standby for anything that might occur. and also, thank you to Team Selangor and NRC for sponsoring our food and other purchases which lighten our burden to make this event successful. and last but not least, THANK YOU to all participants who have sacrifice their weekend to join this project and especially to those who  even though it is the first time they come to Kutu Hill, they did not put the peak as the main objective. seriously, this is the type of hiker Malaysia needed. a responsible hiker!

In Sha Allah, Core Republic will come again to do maintenance and upgrade on the trail again in the future. and as usual, the main focus is to not the peak. to those who are interested to join us in the future, you can get the conservation news from facebook/instagram of ‘Pickitup Initiative’ or simply join #pickitupRepublic whatsapp group HERE.

see you all next time!


Team Leader,

AdAM Project: Kutu Hill 2017

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